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Bandana Maps
(Bandana Maps may generally be used for outdoor sports - hiking, biking, boating, city plans etc.)

Our Maps are printed on polyester silk fabric using a sublimation transfer printing method.
They can be used in any weather conditions.
This map can be continuously folded, unfolded or scrunched up in the palm of
your hand or pocket without any damage caused to the product.
The map is also machine washable.
Bandana dimensions — 72 x 72cm of which actual map size is 70 x 70cm. In the
border around the map are the details including scale, washing instructions and
other information in Czech, English and German language.
This map will be greatly appreciated by outdoor sports enthusiasts - hikers,
cyclists and canoeists etc.
It can also be a lovely keepsake or wall art.
You may personalize your Bandana Map with your own Logo, location and any other information.
(minimum order of 20 pieces)

We can also produce maps from your own digital files or designs.
                (You must own the copyright)
Other uses for our maps include scarf, head-band,
towel and handkerchief, as well as an emergency bandage or sling.
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